What is it and why is it important?

Manufactured home builders recommend re-leveling and maintaining raised home foundations every 3 to 5 years. Manufactured homes weigh 70 thousand pounds or more. The weight of the home is distributed on individual piers which sit on pads underneath the home.  Piers and pads over time can deteriorate, rust, sink, or break. When this happens the weight of the home becomes unevenly distributed.  The uneven weight distribution can be dangerous, with serious cases resulting in structural damage. Home owners commonly see the evidence of a foundation that needs repair through cracking walls, uneven floors, or windows/doors sticking.

What we do

When our technicians arrive they will inspect and assess the levelness of the foundation using a rotating laser.  The laser shows the stable high areas and the sinking low spots.  After determining the correct height for the foundation to be set at, the home is raised using a jack and leveled.  Additionally, during the process the technicians evaluate the structural condition of the jacks and pads underneath the home. If the jacks or pads are cracked, rusted, corroded, or out of code replacement will be necessary.